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April 6, 2024
By css-admin
CSS eLogix and DHL Join Forces in a Green Mission for a Sustainable Future

In a significant step towards environmental responsibility and sustainability, CSS eLogix is thrilled to announce its partnership with DHL. This collaboration marks a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the planet by following eco-friendly practices and contributing to a greener future.

CSS eLogix, a leading player in the technology and logistics industry, has long been committed to sustainability. CSS has witnessed the environmental challenges posed by the logistics sector and has actively worked towards reducing its impact. CSS eLogix’s – the ecommerce fulfillment center, decision to partner with DHL was a strategic move to amplify its efforts and create a more significant positive influence.

DHL, a global logistics giant has consistently demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility. The company has been a pioneer in implementing green logistics solutions, such as alternative fuel vehicles, energy-efficient facilities, and more recently their GoGreen Plus product that allows insetting for carbon emissions.

CSS eLogix and DHL GoGreen Plus

By signing up for DHL Go Green Plus, CSS eLogix joins DHL on its path to green logistics.

In an era where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of global concerns, DHL Express has taken a bold step towards mitigating carbon emissions associated with shipments. The introduction of “GoGreen Plus” is not just a solution; it’s a groundbreaking initiative that empowers shippers to actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Reducing Carbon Emissions through Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) & Addressing Scope 3 Emissions through ‘Insetting’

Through DHL GoGreen Plus businesses can commit to investing in (SAF) sustainable aviation fuel for moving their shipments.

Unlike traditional offsetting initiatives, GoGreen Plus goes beyond by addressing Scope 3 emissions, the indirect greenhouse gas emissions occurring in a company’s value chain. This process, known as “insetting,” reduces emissions within the logistics sector, making it an ideal choice for DHL customers’ voluntary emission reporting.

Unlike offsetting initiatives, insetting is acknowledged as a carbon reduction measure by the Science Based Target initiative since it is intended to reduce emissions directly associated with a business’ operations down the supply chain.

Adding GoGreen Plus to shipments is a straightforward process through MyDHL+. During the booking process, customers can simply tick the box marked GoGreen Plus under Optional Services, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability with a few clicks.

DHL’s dedicated team of certified international specialists works closely with each business customer to tailor the percentage reduction that best suits their individual requirements and specific needs. This personalized approach ensures flexibility in achieving sustainability goals without compromising efficiency.

GoGreen Plus certification provides a competitive edge by appealing to the growing base of environmentally-aware consumers. The comprehensive carbon footprint report provided by DHL reveals the environmental impact of business logistics, enabling informed decision-making for a greener future.

Contributing to Sustainability

In conclusion, GoGreen Plus is more than a service; it’s a call to action for businesses to actively participate in reducing their carbon footprint. By signing up for DHL GoGreen Plus, eLogix is not only contributing to a sustainable future but also aligning itself with a company committed to environmental stewardship and innovation in global logistics.