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Why Efficient Ecommerce Fulfillment is a Necessity for Your Online Business?

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We now know that the pandemic-driven online retail boom is here to stay. However, the demands of online shoppers keep evolving. Staying ahead of the competition requires more than just a user-friendly website and a fantastic product range. As an ecommerce business owner, you know that seamless and efficient ecommerce fulfillment is the secret of […]


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CSS Group – 5’s Soccer Tournament kicked off on Saturday, 25th February, at Al Barsha. The tournament had two groups, Pool A and Pool B, each consisting of five teams. Each team came attired in their team jersey and were pumped up with gusto in their hearts to lift the 5’s Soccer trophy. The matches […]


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1. What Have Been the Challenges of the First Year of Operations? CSS eLogix is ecstatic to announce that we have completed one year of ecommerce fulfillment operation. The big ecommerce push post-pandemic has been enormous due to the comfort and ease at which an individual can shop anything online with just a click of […]